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Fédération québécoise des massothérapeutes

Jérémie De Potter

Masso-kinesitherapist – certified massage therapist

I am originally from Belgium where I graduated with a Bachelor in thermal motor with a specialization in mechatronic. Before moving to Québec, I worked at Mercedes-Benz for five years.

Soon after my arrival, it became clear to me that my path wasn’t one in dealing with mechanical machine but rather the human body. And so I went back to school to earn the title of massage-kinesitherapist as well as massage therapist, while working as an accountant in a lawyers’ firm.

Always in search of new knowledge and passionate about my profession, I currently, while working at two clinics, study osteopathy. This gives me the opportunity to include more techniques and give a particular touch to my treatments.

My calmness, my empathic listening and my understanding of the human body enable me to provide very personalized care based notably on muscular releasing, stretches or even mobilisations.

I love to work on the human body while respecting its needs and in collaboration with the client’s preferences. This relationship is evidently advantageous since clinical trials have shown a very high satisfaction rate.

My modus operandi : « To understand why the body is functioning abnormally, we first have to understand how it functions normally. »