Jérémie De Potter Masso-kinesitherapist – certified massage therapist I am passionate by the human body and its functioning. Massage-kinesitherapy treatments enables me to help you gain optimal mobility as well as decrease your pain. Eager to learn more, I currently study osteopathy. Massothérapie. Douleur musculaire. Problèmes de posture

How can kinesitherapy help you?

Headaches and migraine, neck pain, shoulder pain, arm and/or finger numbness (cervico-brachial neuralgia), carpal tunnel, mid back pain, diaphragm and thoracic cage problems, low back pain, sciatica and cruralgia, foot and ankle pain, knee pain, stomach and abdominal pain, epicondylitis, hands and wrists pain, Whiplash, jaw pain, 
chronic pain, posture problem, reduced mobility, lack of mobility.

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Fédération québécoise des massothérapeutes